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SS Princess Sophia, Those Who Perished

SS Princess Sophia, Those Who Perished

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 SS Princess Sophia: Those Who Perished

By Judy Thompson and David R. Leverton


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About the book

For the past two years researchers at the Maritime Museum of British Columbia have been searching historical records and interviewing descendants about the individuals who lost their lives on board the coastal liner SS Princess Sophia. This book pays tribute to these many men, women and children who died so suddenly as a result of the tragic sinking. The loss of so many passengers and crew left behind a cascading array of shattered lives, missed opportunities and broken dreams.

The book documents the story about the ship; biographies of the people; the impact on Yukon River sternwheelers; the lone survivor; and prophetic last poems by one of the ship's passengers.



Published in Canada by: The Maritime Museum of British Columbia Society



SS Princess Sophia Memorial Fund

All profits from the sale of this book are being used to support the delivery of educational programs by the Maritime Museum of British Columbia. Anyone interested in donating to this fund may do so by contacting the Museum.