Events: Nautical Nights Speaker Series

Events: Nautical Nights Speaker Series

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Join the Museum for a drink and discussion on our unique maritime heritage, culture, and environment! Each month features a new speaker and topic.


Talk Summary

Never Say Die! The ups and downs of Philip Hankin.

Hankin first came to Victoria in 1858 as a junior officer aboard the survey ship, HMS Plumper.  He escorted Lady Frankin to the gold fields and even cooked a fish curry for the Queen of Hawaii. After a 14-year, roller-coaster career that included arriving on-foot and penniless in Barkerville, he retired having served as acting governor of the province British Columbia. In an active retirement, he was secretary to a duke. This included experiencing India at the height of the Raj, when he befriended the Prince of Wales.

About the Speaker

The presenter, Michael Layland, is the author of two books about the exploration history of Vancouver Island, both short-listed for BC Book Awards.* Earlier, he was an officer in survey wing of the Royal Engineers and has worked on military and civilian mapping projects in many parts of the world. He has lived in Victoria since 1991. He is a former president of the Victoria Historical Society and of the Friends of the BC Archives. He is currently completing the text of his third book, on the island’s early naturalists.

* Copies both books will be available for sale and signing